Fracking in Cambridgeshire?

Ken Montague, Trade Union Group of Campaign against Climate Change, spoke to the Trades Council about ‘Fracking’ which has seen widespread use – and protest – in the US and is beginning to be used in the UK. Fracking is a technique for extracting gas from the ground by drilling into pockets of the gas and pumping high-pressure water deep into the ground to drive the gas out. As well as the climate impact of increased use of fossil fuels, we heard of local impacts such as:

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Support the Lifework occupation

Users of the Lifeworks mental health service have been occupying premises at 128 Tenison Road, Cambridge, since March 4th to oppose the closure of this vital service. As a result of their brave stand – which has already won a lot of public support  – NHS managers have been made to admit that they failed to properly consult the service users, and have offered to postpone the closure. However, since no concrete guarantees have yet been given about Lifeworks’ future, the campaigners have vowed to continue the occupation and continue the campaign for as long as it takes.

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One Billion Rising Coverage

Thanks to everyone who supported the One Billion Rising event in Cambridge and beyond. If you missed it, have a look at the coverage in the Cambridge Evening News or a film of the event by Varsity student reporter Hannah Davis which has made it onto the 1 Billion Rising UK national webpage.

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TUC Exhibition – Young Black Artists

See below for a call for submissions by 28 February 2014 from Zita Holbourne, member of the TUC Race Relations Committee:

Dear Colleague,

I am curating an art exhibition in April which is hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee.  Please see details below and pass on to your networks and individuals who you think may be interested in participating.

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One Billion Rising – Cambridge

Trades Council have been asked to circulate details of the following event in taking place in Cambridge on 14th February as part of a global movement ‘One Billion Rising’. Details follow:

Dear brothers and sisters,

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‘Hands Off Our Homes’ report on bedroom tax

The grassroots campaign ‘Hands Off Our Homes’ has produced a detailed report on the effect of the ‘bedroom tax’ on the lives of 60 families as well as on citywide statistics. You can download the report from their website here:

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