Online affiliation

To affiliate your branch, fill in the form below and send a cheque for the appropriate amount to Ian Beeby, 55 Station Road, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4NL.

Don’t forget to send in your branch’s nominations for Trades Council Officers.

Cambridgeshire & District Trades Council - Registration form for 2013. Please complete the form below, to affiliate your branch to the Trades Council. You will also need to send a cheque for the required fee to the Treasurer. You can download a version of this form and print it out, if you prefer. All correspondence will be conducted by email unless specific request is made for hard copy.
Main Email Address
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Trade Union
Union Branch
Enter the name of the main contact point (usually the Secretary). They do not need to be a delegate themselves, but all official correspondence will be sent to this person.
Secretary - Forename
Secretary - Surname
Secretary - Address1
Secretary - Address2
Secretary - Village
Secretary - City
Secretary - County
Secretary - Postcode
Secretary - Work phone number
Secretary - Home Phone
Secretary - Mobile phone
Secretary - Other email address
If you have a second email address that you can be contacted on.
Is the Secretary a delegate?
Number of members
Enter the affiliation fee (20p per member)
If you have 50 members, the fee is £10.00 If you have 100 members, the fee is £20.00 If you have 500 members, the fee is £100.00
To calculate the number of delegates you are entitled to: 1 – 50 members 2 delegates 51 - 100 members 3 delegates For every additional 100 members, 1 delegate up to a maximum of 6 delegates.
Number of delegates you are sending
If there is any additional information that you need to include, enter it here. ?
For example, the branch is due to split into two during the year or you have a standing agreement to pay a different affiliation fee due to the nature of your organisation.
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