Strike and Protest against Closure of Tax Advice Centre

Tax office closureStrike and Protest against Closure of Tax Advice Centre

Members of the civil service union (PCS) in HMRC took part in a half day stoppage on Monday morning as part of a long weekend of industrial action.  The Government are cutting pay, pensions and obs and the Cambridge advice centre is set for closure.

The strikers were joined by delegations from Unison, Unite, the NUJ and NUT all of whom thanked the strikers for taking action against cuts that effect everyone and there was renewed calls for joint action against the governments austerity drive.

Mike Black, branch secretary of Cambridge PCS HMRC said ” We prdwpprovide a vital public service. Although paying tax is an imposition to many, the least we can do is ensure we get it right, denying local tax advice is slamming the door in the face of the public. Yet again ordinary people will loose out whilst the bankers and the millionaires get away without paying.”

Workers at the DWP took action on Friday walking out at lunchtime and forming a well supported picket line.



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