Trades Council Launch campaign for a Peoples Budget

On Saturday the Cambridge and District Trades Council launched a campaign for an alternative, ‘people’s budget’.  Members from local trade unions presented a budget that puts people’s interests before those of bankers, millionaires’ and big business. They also  asked for suggestions from the public (see below).

The local trade unionists outlined the urgent need for real tax justice and the redistribution of wealth.(1)  They also  highlighted the rapidly widening wealth gap (2) (3). A ‘people’s budget’ would address the need for massive infrastructure investments and job creation, mitigation against climate change and the desperate need for more and better housing, public transport, schools and hospitals. They also demanded a cradle to the welfare system  including a decent pension for all.

Members of the public where encouraged to write suggestions to their MP (all of the Cambridgeshire MP’s are in the Coalition).  The messages are being sent to the MP’s.

People’s Budget comments

“cut military spending – put 50% tax back up – more public investment”

“cut VAT”

“build council Houses – fund the NHS – Tax the rich”

“tax banker’s bonuses”

“decrease the tax on petrol, motorists pay too much for a poor infrastructure. Financial institutions must pay for the mess they have put this country in.”

“I believe in a flat tax of 50% – develop a public health service – local authority housing – free education for young people”

“if you work all your life you should be able to draw a pension that secures a decent standard of living.”

“tackle tax avoidance – close down the tax havens on UK controlled islands, – bring in a general anti tax avoidance provision.”

“Tax the rich, allow wealth to be distributed more fairly.”

“increase the tax allowance, put in a new tax bracket at 70% for over £100,00.”

“spend, but not on war”

“increase the 50% tax rate not decrease.”

“charge VAT on newspapers, but not on take-away food”

“start using other methods to achieve things other than money”

“increase national minimum wage well above inflation, youth rates as well instead of freezing them. Put some money in the pockets of the least well off and they will boost the economy spending it in UK businesses.”

“more money is needed to fund the NHS as the population is aging – do not cut the education system, the middle class suffers – Cambridge Central Library should be open longer hours again – I am sorry to see our Government work for the rich, not for us the 99%.”

“Cull the MPs, not the badgers”




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